Relativity 9.5 Rollout

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The team here at Gulfstream is pleased to announce the release of Relativity 9.5 and the scheduled roll-out to our client environment. There are many wonderful new features and improvements found in this version that will help speed discovery toward production, but we are truly excited about the new Email Thread Visualization and ECA features that will help every case team.

Relativity 9.5 introduces email thread visualization—a new feature that will change the way you review and QC emails



Release Highlights

Email Thread Visualization

The email threading interface has a whole new look and feel, with interactive visualizations and modernized navigation. Visual branches and sub-branches make it easy to follow complex conversations, identify when an email is missing, and make quick coding decisions across branches. Intuitive color-coding means you can instantly spot and investigate inconsistent coding decisions on responsiveness, privilege, and other designations.

Shareable Insights

Export individual data visualization widgets or entire dashboards to Microsoft Excel to easily create reports and share findings

Web Import and Export

With web-based data transfer capabilities, you can import and export searches, cases, and productions without ever leaving your workspace.

ECA and Investigation

You know ECA is all about evaluating the cost and risk of a legal issue, building a litigation strategy and ultimately reducing data sets to save money downstream. ECA give you the processes to quickly analyze and synthesize data to assess the overarching facts and determine case strategy. Get a free guide and conduct early case assessment in four easy steps.


Faster Performance across the Board

Relativity 9.5 packs big performance improvements to accelerate your team’s efforts.

  • The new UI is now faster than the classic UI in most scenarios.
  • Processing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files is more than seven times faster.
  • Stratified sampling in Assisted Review is 53 percent faster.
  • Clustering is 23 percent faster.
  • Running a search terms report on is up to 25 percent faster.


Coming Soon: A New Relativity Mobile Application

Access your Relativity workspaces, code documents, and sync coding decisions back to Relativity—all on the go from your iPad.


Additional Information

Documentation Tutorial

Release Notes


Overview Webinars

Monday, February 13 | 1:00 p.m. CT

Tuesday, February 21 | 10:00 a.m. CT


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