ECA the Gulfstream Way – Part 3
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Streamlined Data Transfer – A Big Win for the User In Part 1 we discussed how easy it can be to cull our data, when our data is well presented. In Part 2 we see how a workflow can help save us time and money. The final piece to the puzzle is how do we use our shared data…

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ECA the Gulfstream Way – Part 2
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How to Save a PM Time – A Workflow that Asks You Four Critical ECA Questions One great aspect of the Relativity 9.5 release is the new Designation Layout Workflow. With the introduction of this new workflow a Project Manager (PM) does not have to waste a lot of time designing a new coding system or…

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ECA the Gulfstream Way – Part 1
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Expedite Your Culling and Categorization with ECA and Investigation Dashboards Recently Gulfstream Legal rolled out Relativity 9.5 and along with it the brand new ECA and Investigation workflow.  The introduction of this technology assists users in swiftly evaluating their data and provides a method for our clients to save time and money during their document culling…

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Relativity 9.5 Rollout
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The team here at Gulfstream is pleased to announce the release of Relativity 9.5 and the scheduled roll-out to our client environment. There are many wonderful new features and improvements found in this version that will help speed discovery toward production, but we are truly excited about the new Email Thread Visualization and ECA features…

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